Specialty Steel II LLC.

    A Specialty Steel Manufacturer of Cold-Finished Bars,
    Coils & Precision Cut Parts

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Carefully produced to exact tolerances and with efficient payoff for secondary processing.

Precision Cut Parts

Eliminate Waste, Space and Labor Costs required in Secondary Blank Making Operations.


Straightened & Cut Bar lengths designed to provide easy loading and bar feeding for machining or forming.

Our Quality Commitment

  • Metallurgical Analysis

    In order to facilitate customer needs, Col-fin is very careful in providing products that are metallurgically sound and suited for to the customer's subsequent operations. We have a full in-house lab which tests each product multiple times before shipiment to ensure the product meets all of your metallurgical specifications. 

  • Processing Solutions

    Complex metal processing problems can sometimes be solved by implementing subtle changes in the physical properties of a product or a slight change or modification in one or more of the chemical elements. At Col-fin, we pay strict attention to such details so as to assist our customers in improving their secondary productivity.

  • Certifications

    Material certifications are very important and a necessary component in supplying our customers with support data on our cold finished steel products. The material certifications are complementary to our statistical process control data.

About Col-Fin

  • Established in 1976
  • An ISO 9001 Registered Company
  • Currently operates out of a 110,000 square foot facility in Fallston, PA.
  • Ships products globally
  • Specializes in Low, Middle, High Carbon and Alloy Steels
  • Unique and special shapes

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Industries Served

Aircraft Hand Tools
Appliance Punch/Gage
Automotive Screw Machine
Bearings Steel Stamp
Defense Steel Warehouse


Cold Drawing, Precision Cut Parts, Pickling,
Straightening and Cutting, Centerless Grinding 
Polishing, Controlled Atmosphere Annealing,
Shaving for surface improvement. 

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Quality Control

A full range of metallurgical analysis capabilites, process control through statistical probability, and master process manufacturing.