Cold Drawn

At Col-fin, Bar products are available in various lengths based upon customer specification. Bar production is achieved through the Cold-Drawing process or from a combination of Cold-Rolling and Cold-Drawing.

The Cold-Rolling processes are preformed usually as a pre-forming operation designed to shape products into a near finish configuration and after stress-relief annealing, the parts are finished though a cold drawing process to final shape and size. 






The cold-drawing process is achieved by passing the preformed material though solid carbide dies to achieve final specification dimensions.


The sizes available in bar form range from as small as .060” Dia through a cross-sectional equivalent of 1-1/2” Dia. 


One of the major objectives in the Cold-Drawing process is to refine specific dimensions and tighten tolerances in order to facilitate subsequent machining and forming operations.

Close tolerance on bar products are available as fine as .0005” on smaller sizes to an average finish tolerance of .002”.

Dimensional consistency on cold-drawn bars is maintained from bar end-to-end, and is checked for accuracy with two point and three point gauges.

Col-fin specializes in providing close tolerance bars and the accuracy of dimensions are plotted on Process Control Charts which are available to the customer along with material certifications.