Cold Drawing

The Process

The Col-fin process is focused on the cold-drawing of steel coils through carbide dies into finish drawn bars and finish cold drawn coils. 

Cold drawing is a process whereby finish dimensions are held to very close tolerances while material surfaces or RMS finishes are dramatically improved over the incoming hot rolled raw stock.

The Benefits

Cold Drawing is also a means to increase tensile strength, hardness and general physical properties to provide a more functional product for end-use applications. 

The Col-fin cold drawing process is carefully controlled so that optimum properties are achieved in order to finish a product that has world-class material characteristics.

The Col-fin Advantage

At Col-fin, we pride ourselves on our manufacturing capabilities and our dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

That is the commitment of every employee at Col-fin. Our main objective is to do it right every time and to earn the respect of every customer. Not only are we committed to delivering product on time, at competitive prices with some of the highest levels of precision possible from current technology, we are also committed to supporting our products with comprehensive metallurgical data.

We recognize the needs of our customers to receive and process materials without interruption or avoidable waste.

That is the Col-fin Advantage