Precision-Cut Parts

Col-fin offers a range of Precision-Cut Parts in any lengths based on customer specifications. The parts can be produced by precision saw-cutting or through the Adiabatic cut off process. The Adiabaic process produces square cut ends which are burr free and held to fine tolerances.

Parts cut from this process are available up to a cross-sectional equivalents of a ½ square. Length tolerances can be held as close plus or minus .005”.

Precision-cut parts are also available as saw cut parts up to a cross-sectional equivalent of 2-¾” square and lengths up to 26”.

Length tolerances from this process can be held to plus or minus .010”and in some cases even tighter depending on the grade of steel being cut and its cross-sectional size.

In-house waste can be drastically reduced using precession cut parts. The parts arrive ready for secondary processing or heat treatment and thereby minimizing required inventory space.

Maximum Size Capability

Rounds: 2-3/4"

Squares: 2 3/8"

Hexagon: 2"

Rectangle: 2-3/4" x 2 3/8"

Shapes upon Inquiry