Our customer's secondary operations are our primary concern and the products that we make available to our customers are manufactured to best facilitate secondary machining or forming processes.

Col-Fin produces a wide range of steel bars and coils, as well as precision cut parts in a variety of configurations, including rounds, squares, hexagons, flats and special shapes.  Grade or analysis availability extends from low, middle and high carbon steels to low, middle and high alloys.

Coil products are available in various dimensions and weights, depending upon finish size. The coils are shipped on wire carriers or bundled and unitized, and are plastic shrouded to provide weather protection. 

Bars are produced in lengths of 12’ to 20’, or as specified by the customer.  Bars are usually bundled for shipment in 2,000’/4,000’ per bundle and may be boxed in wooden crates for added weather protection or handling damage. The usual capacity for wooden boxes is 1,000 Lb./box, but can be made to specific customer specification.

Precision Cut parts are offered to customer specification. Depending upon size, length tolerances can be held as close as plus or minus .005”. 

If a precision cut part is required, it is advisable to place that requirement as an inquiry, since there are variables that must be considered in the production of such parts.