Surface Improvement Using the Shaving Process

In certain cases there are manufacturing issues that require incoming product to be virtually defect-free. 

The basic steel making process is such that it is impossible to produce defect-free hot rolled product. In the melting and hot rolling of steel bars and coils, there is always the potential for surface seams, sub-surface and decarburization defects. 

Although such defects may be improved through cold drawing, these flaws do not disappear.

A primary method for removing surface defects is to improve the surfaces of incoming hot rolled products by shaving the material surfaces to a specific depth, usually .010/.015” per side surface removal. 

The shaving process is then followed by a 2 belt polishing process in-line with the cutting or shaving process.  The result of this surface improvement process is a virtually defect free surface with a very good RMS finish.